Vertly’s CBD Spray Changed the Game on My Workout Recovery


Despite being a firm advocate for CBD tea after a long, tough day, I will admit that I didn’t have much faith in topical CBD products. I’d seen them heavily advertised and considered them somewhere in the range of gluten-free topical products — mostly pointless.

I’m not even very big on working out (especially during East Coast winters), but I do make sure I’m active daily to keep the endorphins up. Particularly in the cold temps, I do end up feeling more sore than usual, and I’m quick to use a heating pad to soothe my aches and pains.

But Vertly’s Cooling Recovery Spray ($45) changed all that. The product arrived on my doorstep perfectly timed — right after I got back from my AM run. I was feeling particularly anxious and thought it a great day to try the spray post-shower and workout.

Vertly products are “handcrafted in Northern California” and are “100 percent clean.” They indicate that their batches are made weekly, and I believe it. I’m super sensitive to intense smells in products, especially anything artificial, but what I loved best was the lightness and freshness of this scent. The peppermint and lavender are so soothing, and I felt calm from the very first application, as well as a wonderful cooling sensation as promised.

However, it was the organically grown hemp that had the strongest effect on me. I did not at all anticipate feeling anything from it, but I absolutely enjoyed a super calm post-spray effect. It carried me through the rest of my workday, even a hectic morning that included shuttling my toddler to daycare and a slew of emails to sort through.

I’m thrilled to know that Vertly has a barrage of additional CBD beauty products to enjoy — they also sent me the CBD infused lip butter ($20), and it has been contributing to my overall relaxed vibe — and I’m so excited to add more to my daily repertoire to keep the peace going.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / James Puleo

Vertly's Cooling Recovery Spray

Vertly’s Cooling Recovery Spray

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CBD infused lip butter

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