12 Of The Best Patchwork Jeans To Spice Up Your Go-To Outfit (2022 Edition)

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Every now and then, the fashion world needs to backtrack a decade or five to make the young and hot even younger and hotter, and as the world grows increasingly more bored with plain denim, we have to wonder: why did we ever get rid of patchwork jeans again?

The great thing about denim is that anyone can pull it off if they know what to wear with it, but that’s no reason not to get creative with your jeans. Young men today are always on the lookout for the next big thing in casual dress, and nothing says casual like a pair of pants that look like a quirky home economics project. 

Kapital Patchwork Jeans
@kapitalglobal / Instagram

Many world-class, eco-conscious brands have made it their mission to elevate men’s patchwork jeans to the denim trend of the 21st century, and we’ve outlined some of their finest efforts for your convenience.

Our Top Picks

Founded in Germany, the Closed brand prides itself on its eco-friendly designs, and it’s been turning heads and taking names since 1978. If you’re looking to ease into the fabulous world of patchwork jeans, A Better Blue is the line you want to look out for – their Dover Tapered Pants combine a white base with beige touches for the perfect balance of restrained and adventurous. 

Well suited for tight-knit work environments and flashy nightclubs alike, these ecru denim pants will keep your lower body feeling breezy, and the tapered cut is the perfect complement to a long pair of legs – just be extra wary of any pesky stains.

Closed Dover Tapered Pants

When it comes to setting global fashion trends, there’s no doubt that the west is the best, and America’s Carhatt hammers this point home with their fantastic Rugged Flex patchwork jeans. The 98% cotton construction gives you all the stretch you could ask for from a piece of workwear, and they don’t look too shabby out in the street either. 

These jeans are made with mobility in mind, and the reinforced back pockets and ample room for knee pads are enough to get anyone through a working day. Add to that the elegant wrap around your calves and ankles, and you have yourself a pair of pants for just about every occasion.

Carhartts Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit

There’s no reason ladies should be having all the fun – Acne Studios prove that men’s patchwork jeans can be vibrant and colorful without venturing off into kitschy territory. These checkerboard trousers feature almost every color of the rainbow (and then some), making them one of the most daring picks for a casual dresser looking to impress.

With an elasticated waist that’ll make you feel like you’re wearing sweatpants, these jeans are the definition of comfort, and that deep back pocket offers a surprising amount of storage space without dragging anything down. Be sure to combine these beauties with an equally eye-popping top for maximum effect.

Acne Studios Multicolor Patchwork Trousers

Incorporating the immortal ripped-jean aesthetic, these patchwork jeans are full of attitude and are perfect if you’re on a budget. Every patch and every hole in these pants tells a story, and whether you opt for the badass black option or the more neutral light blue, you’re guaranteed to catch some looks as you strut your stuff.

The pants are stretchy enough to fit a variety of body shapes, but if you have longer legs, consider yourself especially lucky – these are effectively skinny jeans that do a wonderful job at accentuating slender figures, all without sacrificing that much-needed pocket depth.

Generic Men's Vintage Ripped Patch Jeans

There’s something irresistible about clothes that defy classification. Exhibit A – these skater-style patchwork denim jeans by Remi Relief almost look like something you’d wear on the treadmill. Besides doing wonders for your comfort, the drawcord at the waist screams unpretentious and laid-back. 

With only a couple of darker patches at the knee and below the hip, these jeans offer just enough to help you stand out in a busy crowd, and the slim-cut design is always a sight for sore eyes. If you have the budget for it, consider buying indigo and a dark green pair to match whatever upper body apparel you’re rocking these days.

Remi Reliefs Drawstring Trousers

When it comes to fashion, less is sometimes more, and there’s no better example than Frame’s elegant approach to patchwork jeans. The single strip of navy blue at the knee means you can get away with wearing these in a more intimate work setting, although there’s no wrong time or place to throw on a pair outside the office either.

These are the perfect pants if you’re into “vanilla” shirts and sweaters since the fit and feel of the fabric is what you’d come to expect from any ordinary pair of jeans. Best of all, these things are all-cotton, so you get to look stylish without compromising on comfort.

Frames Straight-Leg Patchwork Jeans

Anyone can look like a million dollars with the right pair of patchwork jeans, even those of us who have trouble keeping our hands out of the cookie jar. Enter this Hollister denim masterpiece, a stretchy pair of pants that mold themselves beautifully to suit your thigh shape, and for a very reasonable price at that.

The design on these things is simple yet effective, so if you’re mostly used to wearing regular jeans, you won’t feel like you stick out like a sore thumb with these on. The taper at the bottom definitely helps too – these jeans wrap nicely around your ankles without constricting anything above the knees.

Hollister Patchwork Jeans

Although we’d advise against wearing them to your next job interview, you’ll be the life of the party with these River Island patchwork jeans. With a little rip here and an eye-catching patch there, these should be the go-to jeans for anyone looking to keep things casual at any indoor or outdoor venue.

Wide hems were among the few jean features that lived to see the end of the nineties, and they’re on full display here. Not to mention, the baggy fit is the epitome of urbanity, especially if you play your cards right and combine these jeans with a white top and shoes.

River Island Patchwork Jeans

Just because patchwork jeans often look out of this world, it doesn’t mean their prices have to be. Specs-wise, these thrifty pants are as straightforward as they come, boasting a traditional cotton-meets-polyester build that won’t get stretched out if you put on a few pounds and lose them again.

Fast-fashion issues aside, these jeans are a throwback to end all throwbacks. The retro style of the jeans are extremely easy on the eyes – a perfect supplement to the lighter denim, the patches of white will make any young man look that much younger. Most importantly, they work well with just about any plain dark top, and they can even salvage the pair of funky-colored shoes collecting dust in your closet.

Shein's Men Patchwork Jeans

Dressing up can be hard work, but you can always take some pressure off by playing it safe and going casual. These gorgeous patchwork jeans almost look like a regular pair of Saturday-errand jeans at first glance, but the lighter-colored patches around the knees keep looking better and better the more you look.

Whether you’re out enjoying a drink or are looking to leave an impression on a night out, you’ll definitely get a kick out of the slim fit and cotton build. Be sure to take advantage of the amazing color scheme by combining these jeans with a brown or cream jacket and a plain pair of sneakers.

River Island Patchwork Jeans

These pants will forever change the way you think about patchwork jeans – forgoing the usual swirl of colors in favor of a dark-blue design. Loewe has created the perfect denim for those who want to look hip in public without straying too far from the tried-and-true denim formula. 

The low-crotch style helps keep your body type a mystery for naïve onlookers, especially if you pair it with the right jacket, although these things look especially sizzling on taller people. On top of that, if you’re not a fan of shorts, the bagginess factor will help keep your legs nice and cool in the summertime.

Loewe's Patchwork Jeans

Nothing beats the occasional extravagant purchase after a long dry spell without shopping, and if you happen to be sitting on some good funds, you can go all out with Kapital’s colorful patchwork jeans. Whether you’re after a tight fit or an alternative, baggy look, the beautiful design on these puppies will turn your legs into a modern art masterpiece.

This is a “party in the front, business in the back” kind of product – there’s only really any patchwork at the quads, making these patchwork jeans look deceptively simple from certain angles. Even so, anyone paying close attention to your assets is sure to notice the ‘Kapital’ patch on the back.

Kapital Patchwork Jeans

What To Look For In Patchwork Jeans

When picking out a pair of denim patchwork jeans, there’s more to look out for than just a zany design and an endorsement from your favorite celebrity. Here are some things you may want to consider before making your pick. 


Although we all wish it were the case, a few oddly-colored patches of denim usually aren’t enough to conceal any bodily imperfections. As with any other clothes you buy, you’ll want to make sure the fit is tailored to your weight and body shape – after all, pants are an article of clothing first, and a fashion statement second.

You’ll generally want to apply the same rules as to when you’re shopping for regular denim jeans. If you’re not looking for skinny jeans, make sure you give your calves and hips enough breathing room, and whatever you do, don’t risk buying a size you usually wouldn’t go for just because you love the design. Take another look, and you’re likely to find what you’re looking for in the right size.

Kapital Patchwork Jeans on Man
@kapitalglobal / Instagram

Other Apparel

While shopping for patchwork denim jeans, it’s pretty easy to lose the forest for the trees and get swept up by a unique denim pattern without thinking it through. You should ask yourself when you see something you like: Do I have anything that goes with it?

Patchwork pants can let you get away with some pretty outrageous clothing combinations, but there’s always a limit. For example, if you mostly wear printed T-shirts, adding a blocky pair of pants could make you look disorganized at best or like you’re trying too hard at worst. 

Bottom line, there’s a method to the patchwork madness, so spend a long one-on-one with your wardrobe before punching in your credit card information. 

Denim Color

When we think of jeans, our minds often default to the aptly-named denim blue color. With that said, you can find patchwork jeans in any color under the sun if you look hard enough, especially if you do your shopping online.

As we discussed above, you’ll obviously want your pants to go nicely with your shoes and top, and your jeans’ “primary” color is a huge part of that. That aside, though, if you see a pair of patchwork pants and feel there’s something missing, don’t jump the gun and dismiss them – check if you can find the same design in a different jean color. You might be surprised at the result.


    • Simply put, patchwork denim means stitching together smaller pieces of denim fabric of various shapes and sizes. The range of patchwork fashion is impressive, boasting everything from pants to hats with a distinctive homemade feel. 

      • When it comes to styling men’s patchwork jeans, the only limit is your imagination. Naturally, you can’t go wrong with a plain blouse coupled with an overcoat in the winter, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even rock a denim-on-denim combo by throwing on a patchwork top (which would have bordered on sacrilege a few years ago.)

        • Anyone with a sewing kit and a steady enough hand could put together a pair of patchwork jeans. The beauty of DIY clothing is that there’s practically no such thing as a design mistake – only happy accidents that could make you look that much bolder.

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